How it works

The shortest distance
from A to Build.

Mission’s quick and efficient approach to team assembly is backed by the data drawn from our platform, resulting in a more adaptable and scalable squad, with built-in leadership, total transparency, and senior-level expertise across the whole roster.

First, our Engineers in Residence help identify your needs and determine what is required to best meet those goals.

After we’re aligned on your needs, we put together a squad handpicked for your mission specifically, with your approval. Our framework is unique to us, time-tested and refined using years of data.
With the lines of communication open and clear, and your team onboarded, we get to the fun part: building what you need built.

Although our teams are fully managed, you remain in control of how they work and what tools and processes they’ll use to get the job done.
We’re not a hands-off type of platform. After we’ve got your squad together and it gets going, we leverage our network of senior peers to coach and train your team’s engineers without slowing down the build. Key performance metrics from our platform allow squad leadership to ensure the best performance from every team member.
What Mission delivers doesn’t stop with your team. Our dedicated Customer Success Managers stay actively involved to ensure the team is successful. The transparency in our platform through performance metrics keeps you in the loop throughout the entire process, allowing you to see what’s being built before it’s delivered.
Delivery is a milestone, not a finish line. You can change your squad as your needs or requirements change by scaling up or down, or bringing in new members to work on whatever you need to build next. We also have Experts on Demand we can bring in to address whatever you throw the team’s way.
What makes us different?

See Mission in Action

Mission is the first global private network for software developers, built for engineers by those with decades of experience in the industry.
We vet, manage, train, and support talent while matching them to the best product builders in North America and companies around the world. There’s no option on the market that delivers the same quality with the same velocity as Mission. Time to stop daydreaming about that new product and get it built.
  • Tech Lead

    The architect of the mission. Uses their leadership skills and expertise to keep the team on track.

  • Main Contributors

    These productivity-focused engineers take on all things data. They’re the front line on each line of code.

  • Squad Lead

    Your insider, helping you communicate your needs to the squad. They also keep the squad happy in all the equally essential but less technical ways.

  • Subject Matter Experts and Specialists

    Reinforcements to solve the hardest problems. We’ve got all the specific niche issues covered so even the toughest bugs get stamped out.

Here’s what we believe. If any of these ring true to you, then Mission's the right fit.

Software engineers deserve to work where software engineering is truly celebrated.

We've built the ideal environment in which software engineering talent can thrive. We're engineers ourselves so we know what it takes to feel our best while we're building our best work.

There's top engineering talent all around the world, not just in Silicon Valley.

We see it as our responsibility (call it a “mission”) to find the world's best engineering talent, regardless of region, identity, or background. We do the fieldwork to find the best and give everyone an equal opportunity to thrive.

Even the most interesting work is better with friends.

We know teams are only as good as their chemistry. That’s why we make sure to never let jerks into our network, no matter how A-list they may purport to be. When you join Mission, you can look forward to working with the best collaborators in the industry.

The best engineers want to get even better.

Data on engineering performance, team dynamics, and product delivery can support the work and growth of even the best senior-level engineers.

Good data is better than the best opinion.

We’re tired of whichever developer is the most charming at the watercooler getting all the promotions. We want to discover and develop true engineering talent, and to do so, we rely on unique data sets that show, beyond any single opinion, just how good you truly are.

Action driven by data.

Our platform gathers crucial performance metrics on our teams, both as individuals and as a unit. These aren't micro-management metrics, but a clear-eyed view into an engineer's work to guide and motivate.

Support can come in as soon as it's needed, benefitting both the team and the mission. And engineers will walkaway with their talent and reputation visualized in concrete and undeniable terms.

Stop scrolling, start building.


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