What is Mission?

Fully supported teams backed by a powerful platform.

With Mission, you’ll get a fully managed team of senior-level software engineers in two weeks or less. Our platform allows you to stay informed through the entire build, with squad leadership using key performance metrics to keep the mission on track and empowering the engineers to do their best work.

How Mission Builds Teams

An approach to assembly that brings out every engineer’s best.

Having 20+ years of experience and leadership built in to your squad is a major asset. That’s why we start with a Tech Lead and Squad Lead, then we match them with contributors we’re sure we can trust and supply expert specialists as needed. This allows for maximum flexibility and scalability, each team custom built for your needs and adjusted immediately should anything change.
  • Squad Lead

    Your key point of contact with the team (although the full team is available at any time). The Squad Lead makes sure development stays aligned with your business goals. With a median experience of 15 years, some examples of the SL’s duties include running ceremonies, requirement documentation, JIRA management, stakeholder communication, team motivation and performance.
  • Tech Lead

    Our Tech Leads are the primary technical architect on your squad, using their depth of experience to guide and support the team. With a median of 15 years experience, a typical TL’s duties include monitoring code quality, ensuring that engineering best practices are used and that each contributor is working on the right task based on expertise, story point estimation, establishing data model/architecture decisions, PR review, and unblocking devs.
  • Tech Contributor

    Your development muscle, handpicked to tackle the specific challenges of your mission. Max 6 per team for optimal cohesion. With a median of 5 years experience, a typical Tech Contributor duties include development, story point estimation, QA.
  • Expert on Demand

    Our Engineers in residence and Subject Matter Experts are available for your the team on an as-needed basis, and provide guidance on advanced topics, or help navigate specific challenges related to programing language or technologies. With a median experience of 20 years, the SME’s duties may include: consultation on cloud architecture, data engineering, compliance, security, governance, product design, or other specialized areas.

Who is a Mission engineer?

Now that you’ve had a look at the role archetypes here at Mission, let’s look closer at the qualities shared by the members of our vetted network.
  • Senior and still growing

    Our vetted network is full of highly experienced engineers (median 9 years of experience) that are empowered by our platform and community to continue learning and growing. We collect and leverage key performance metrics so even the best engineers can get better.

  • Expert collaborators and invested in community

    Our engineers are independent, but they all value peer learning, mentorship, and participating actively in our community. That extra layer of connectivity leads to better performance and team chemistry.

  • Every stack and specialty is covered

    Because we curate our teams from our entire network, we can ensure we’re selecting a squad that has any tech requirements you need.

The Mission Platform

A quick overview of our best features.

We get it, you’ve got a product to build and want to get to the good stuff ASAP. That’s why we’ve assembled a quick list of some of our platform’s best features. If you want to know even more, scroll on.
  • Fully managed teams

  • Adaptability as a feature

  • SMEs on demand

  • Get your team in less than two weeks

  • Vetted, senior talent

  • Clear, easy to understand pricing

  • Scale up or down as needed

  • No long term contracts

  • Your teams performance at your finger tips

The Mission M.O.

What does it take to create something special?

If your talent is not properly onboarded, managed, coached, trained, and motivated, you won’t get anywhere. Mission has taken a multivalent approach to software engineering. Our talent is pre-vetted, our teams are custom-assembled, and our missions are actively managed through our proprietary platform.
  • Network
  • Engineering Intelligence
  • Marketplace

A closer look at what our platform provides.

We gave you the quick list earlier, so let’s take a closer look at some of the most standout features from our platform. As you read earlier, the full list of benefits is long. Get in touch today to learn more about the rest.

Experts on demand

We have seasoned experts available for your team whenever they're needed to provide guidance on advanced topics, and help navigate specific challenges related to programming language or technologies.

Better coordinated work

Knowing what everyone on the squad is doing throughout the entire mission, both through tracking progress on the platform and through clear communication, allows the whole team to stay synced from day one to delivery.


Signal is a powerful tool that allows our Leads to stay on top of team health and performance. This leads to more active coaching and support, increased team morale and productivity, and more celebration of software engineering done by our top performers.


We removed the blackbox around software development so you can stay up to date on the progress of your team every step of the way.

A Deeper Dive into How it Works

How it Works

Once you’ve signed up, what happens next?

How it works

Here’s what our members and clients have to say about us:

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