Built to support careers, not gigs.

Mission is a talent marketplace that supports its members as the individuals they are. We don’t just get you a gig and disappear; we want to support your career and your individual learning and growth.

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A genuine community that raises each other up.

One of the only drawbacks to going independent is missing out on that feeling of camaraderie that in-house positions can sometimes provide. That’s why Mission has made it a primary goal to establish an authentic sense of community among our members. Here are some of the key components that make up the thriving Mission community.


We have people in our network with as much as 30 years experience in the industry. With that kind of wisdom in the mix, some powerful mentorship is always accessible.


Our community events, both online and in-person, provide excellent opportunities for our engineers to connect and converse, eliminating the isolation that independent work can bring.

Online Community

Through channels like Slack, Discord, and LinkedIn, we’ve built a genuine community of peers who share together, laugh together, and achieve together.

Grow and Learn

Our platform provides performance data that can actually be used to take action and push yourself to get even better at this work that you love to do.

Faith joined Mission as a Software Developer at the start of 2021, attracted to the opportunity to combine her talents with those of handpicked tech professionals from around the world.

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Faith Adekogbe
Faith Adekogbe Frontend Developer

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