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Mission is a platform built for careers, not just gigs. The future of marketplaces should nurture the talent that drives it.

Our Story

Mission was founded by engineers, Stephane Rossi and Fred Brunel, who saw the way workforces were heading: increasingly remote and independent. Along with Gabriel Sundaram, they set out to build a talent marketplace that would connect the world’s top senior engineers with global clients in need.

Our goal is to provide the supportive resources and community of colleagues that independent workers have been missing. Our ambition is to create a comprehensive digital community, marketplace, and continued-learning hub accessible to talent around the world. We’re already well on our way.

Our Vision

The freedom of independent work with FAANG-level support.

One of the biggest drawbacks to working remotely is the lack of community and camaraderie that you get when peers gather in-person. And as much as we love our pets, they just don’t offer quite the level of professional support we need.

At Mission, we’ve built this invaluable resource right into our platform. Our network offers a collaborative community allowing you to share, teach, learn, and grow together. Mission allows you to retain the sense of freedom and flexibility of independent work without missing out on the resources of working in-house.

The Mission Platform

A quick overview of our best features.

We get it, you’ve got a product to build and want to get to the good stuff ASAP. That’s why we’ve assembled a quick list of some of our platform’s best features. If you want to know even more, scroll on.

– Fully managed teams
– Adaptability as a feature
– SMEs on demand
– Get your team in less than two weeks
– Vetted, senior talent
– Clear, easy to understand pricing
– Scale up or down as needed
– No long term contracts
– Your teams performance at your finger tip

Our Values

As we continue to develop our platform and grow our network, what keeps us centered are the core beliefs upon which Mission was founded. While tech, lifestyles, and the world can change dramatically, the philosophy and methodology at the heart of Mission will endure. If these resonate with you, then we’d be happy to collaborate with you.

Talent has no borders

We are the proof that talent has no bounds or borders and embrace a multitude of diverse backgrounds and identities. We believe our thinking is strengthened by these unique perspectives.

Celebrate software engineering

We are driven by deep technical knowledge and practical expertise to develop the technology the world needs. As engineers and product builders, we are making Mission the network we want to be a part of.

Collaborate to grow

We are a connected and inclusive community committed to supporting each other through learning and growth. Through collaboration, we are creating a place where we all find belonging.

Build it, ship it, own it

We tackle complex problems head-on through a structured and action-driven mentality with rapid iterations. We build the incredible by shipping quickly and constantly improving.

Be transparent give feedback

We believe that honest and open dialogue leads to clear expectations and forms the foundation of our relationships. The trust we have in one another is what allows us to thrive.

Who is a Mission engineer

Senior and still growing

Our vetted network is full of highly experienced engineers (median ~10-20 years) that are empowered by our platform and community to continue learning and growing.

Expert collaborators and invested in community

Our engineers are independent, but they all value peer learning, mentorship, and participating actively in our community. That extra layer of connectivity leads to better performance and team chemistry.

Collectively expert in every stack and specialty

Because we curate our teams from our entire network, we can ensure we’re selecting a squad that’s got any tech requirements you have covered. We also collect data on team chemistry so the sum is always greater than the amazing parts of every team we provide.

Meet Mission

Meet the people behind our powerful platform.

Born as Gsquad, Mission was founded by Fred Brunel, Stephane Rossi, and Gabriel Sundaram, business-minded technologists with a strong conviction that independent engineers should enjoy the same feeling of community and camaraderie as in-house teams, without losing the flexibility and freedom they deeply value.

Stephane Rossi

Co-founder & CEO

Fred Brunel

Co-founder & CTO

Gabriel Sundaram

Co-founder & COO

Stephane Balon

VP, Talent Acquisition & Partnerships

Nicholas Brochu

Head of Data Engineering

Gabriel Cloutier

Head of Product

Laetitia Fatela

Head of People & Member Experience

Jag Grewal

Director of Practice

Ashley Squire

Head of Success

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