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Mission is a community that brings together top engineers and supports them with an innovative engineering management platform to help them build like never before.
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Mission is the market network where top independent engineers work together, grow and build their careers.

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Get to know experts from all over the world to learn and share, together.

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Insights via our platform

Level up your skills with real-time contextual feedback and communicate seamless with your distributed teams.

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Find your next opportunity

Access to curated opportunities working with some of North America's most innovative companies.

A platform that enables development teams to do their best work.

Making good engineers great.

Like in sport, to get better, you need to train. But you learn even more during the game.

That's why our Platform is built to give real-time, contextual feedback and support through a data-driven approach.

  • Get access to all the resource you could want via our library.
  • Stamp out that stubborn bug with the help of our experts on demand.
  • Our network shares best practice through round tables and fireside chats.

A foundation for self-improvement

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Engineering metrics made simple

Find ways to level up by accessing metrics for your performance, and your teams performance.

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Personalized insight reports

Get regular insights into the way you work within your team, all packaged in a way to help you get to and stay at the top of your game.

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360° reviews

Use commentary and analysis from your peers to set a path to work better together as a team.

Get matched with opportunities on teams that align with your skills and goals.

The Mission platform will match you with new exclusive opportunities that are fit just for you. These roles are handpicked to fit your profile, and your long-term goals so that you can consistently build towards the future you want.

Experience the incredible power of working with a platform that gives you real-time, contextual learning.

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Our network brings together software engineers from across the globe.
Then the magic happens.

Community events

From fireside chats, to speaker series, to round-table discussions, our events are waiting for your RSVP.


Be mentored, or mentor others. Get personalized advice, learn from the experience, and get the push you need to continue your professional growth.

Training and Learning

Keep learning and growing with in-mission, real-time contextual feedback.

The network built for forward-looking engineers and developers.

Mission is a community of senior software developers with backgrounds from some of the most innovative companies.

Network Exculsive Opportunities

Get curated opportunities from growing and innovative companies.

Work as part of a curated team on core product to take on exciting challenges that you won't be able to find anywhere else. Once on a Mission, you will be added to a team of vetted Mission developers and will then be able to enjoy the flexibility of working for yourself with the support (and reliable pay!) of an established company.

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“The main reason I love working with Mission is the great people I get to collaborate with. I know I can always rely on and learn from these guys.”
Tommy Lebel
Vue.js Expert & Tech Lead

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Alexandre G.
Squad Lead
Bruno B.
Senior Product Designer
Chayan S.
iOS App Developer
Emmanuel A.
Frontend Engineer
Fadi A.
Tech Lead / Software Architect
Luciano 'Lucho' B.
Sr. Frontend Engineer
Huda H.
Senior Automation Engineer
Joshua C.
Senior Software Engineer
Nicholas M.
Squad Lead
Xavier J.
Tech Lead & React/React-Native Expert
Zulqar N.
Fullstack Web Developer
Niloofar G.
Data Analyst / Data Designer
Francis R.
Gulhan G.
Product Owner
Helen G.
UI/UX Desiger
Souleymane T.
Product Owner
About us

Software engineering, re-engineered.

Mission is an private market network of senior software developers that gives experienced engineers the tools and opportunities they need to not just be happy in their environment and create good results, but to create a strong foundation for the rest of their careers.

Our philosophy is that good work can come from anywhere, and that the right support and environment can make an incredible of difference. Led by a team of engineers who have been there, our goal is to build the best possible environment for engineers, anywhere in the world.

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