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Mission’s platform was built to be the ideal environment for engineers: actionable data and learning resources to help you continue leveling up, a community of supportive, senior-level peers, and truly challenging mission opportunities .

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How Mission Builds Teams

An approach to assembly that brings out every engineer’s best.

Having 20+ years of experience and leadership built in to your squad is a major asset. That’s why we start with a Tech Lead and Squad Lead, then we match them with contributors we’re sure we can trust and supply expert specialists as needed. This allows for maximum flexibility and scalability, each team custom built for your needs and adjusted immediately should anything change.

Tech Lead

The architect of the mission. Uses their leadership skills and expertise to keep the team on track.

Main Contributors

These productivity-focused engineers take on all things data. They’re the front line on each line of code.

Squad Lead

Your insider, helping you communicate your needs to the squad. They also keep the squad happy in all the equally essential but less technical ways.

Subject Matter Experts and Specialists

Reinforcements to solve the hardest problems. We’ve got all the specific niche issues covered so even the toughest bugs get stamped out.

Martin Provencher



What makes us different?

Don’t just make products. Make a difference.

A mission is a build with real impact. You’ll develop apps that help drug companies discover life-saving medicines. You’ll help knowledge platforms combat harmful misinformation. You’ll help build a virtual dating service that’ll allow people around the world to meet their soulmates. These companies don’t just need you – the world does.

What you’re not getting anywhere else


We’ve got leads with 20+ years experience on your team, so coaching is built right into our model.



Our platform provides performance data that is immediately actionable. The insight and visibility of performance allows for real-time coaching and assistance from our leads keeps the mission on track.



Our online community and events (live and virtual) offer a ton of opportunities for our engineers to meet and connect with amazing peers from all around the world.


We take care of the details so you can stay focused on the fun part.

Admin Support

Did you know it’s an option to pay people on time? Weird that so many other places act like it’s not. At Mission, we pay people who make sure you get paid quickly. And our platform makes your paycheck just a couple clicks away.

New Challenges

We get it, you’re bored. You’re so good that you’re bored. That’s why we want you to be in our network. We have clients who need people who are on your level, with missions that remind you why you can’t quit this line of work.

We Got Your Back

Our Member Experience Team is there for you throughout every mission, so you can stay a free-roaming independent while taking advantage of on-call support. It’s in-house resources without getting locked in anywhere.


Here’s what our members have to say about us.

Xavier Jousso

React Native Expert – Tech Lead


“Working with Mission has been one of the decisions with the most benefits in my career. As a software developer, we may have to work on the same projects for a long period of time, which can make our tasks redundant or even boring. This is a fact that I have never encountered at Mission, we have the opportunity to work on several different projects but above all, we have the opportunity to choose them.”

Tommy Lebel

Vue.js Expert & Tech Lead


“The main reason I love working with Mission is the great people I get to collaborate with. I know I can always rely on and learn from everyone.”

Valeriu Caramanuta

Ruby on Rails Expert – Tech Lead


“The most amazing thing about being part of Mission is the fact that in less than a year I had a chance to work on three different projects all from different domains, comparing to my previous experience where I was spending years in the same domain. This is a real and exciting challenge for me!”