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General questions

  • Traditional talent marketplaces end their work after connecting a customer with an engineer.
  • From screening to career coaching, Mission is an end-to-end platform for independent engineers to work with our customers.
  • Mission actively manages its Squad through a proprietary monitoring platform so you can focus on your day-to-day and internal team.

Mission Squads

As a remote network, our members come from all corners of the globe. We can explore having members in the same location upon request, but it may compromise our ability to get the best person available for your squad.
Mission’s platform assesses missions and engineers, then assembles teams based on multiple criteria such as stack, fit, complexity, maturity, autonomy.
Mission has built a set of tools to help our Team Leads coach and manage their team better. Part of these tools are analytics tools that are measuring code activity, distribution of effort, 360 reviews, and others. 
Mission is a marketplace. Rates depend on the location, seniority, stack and other criteria. More information on how our rates vary, take a look at our pricing page.

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