Member Spotlight: Meet Sohail Yasin – AI, Adventure, and Family

Meet Sohail Yasin, a seasoned Software Engineer with a fervent passion for Android application development who lives in Lahore, Pakistan’s bustling hub of innovation and tech. Sohail is currently working on his 4th and 5th missions with us since he joined the community 2 years ago.

Sohail’s fascination with computers and technology began early on in childhood, when he found a passion in experimenting with game modifications which would lay the foundation for his future career path. Sohail pursued a degree in software engineering at University while simultaneously working part-time in the field, a move that put him ahead of many of his peers.

A pivotal moment during a job interview steered Sohail towards the realm of mobile development in 2014 when mobile development was gaining peak levels. He gave an interview for a web development role he’d applied for, the interviewer recognized his talent and asked Sohail, “Why aren’t you doing mobile, it’s the future”. Sohail took this advice, decided to dedicate himself to self-study, after a few months he came back and reapplied and was hired! He leveled up quickly at the company and is still in mobile 10 years later

Throughout his career, Sohail’s thirst for knowledge and eagerness to explore new horizons has served him well. From freelancing endeavors to leadership roles, he has gained experience in numerous domains, accumulating a wealth of skills and expertise along the way. Notable among his achievements is the development of a secure online examination system for universities in Saudi Arabia, a project that showcased his proficiency in AI and bespoke video-calling infrastructure. The application allows educators to conduct online examinations to their students; check it out of the Google Play store.

Driven by a quest for growth and innovation, Sohail made a conscious decision to embrace change, transitioning to new roles and companies to broaden his skill set and embrace emerging technologies. His tenure at Mission has provided him with the perfect playground to hone his craft, with a myriad of projects offering ample opportunities for learning and professional development.

Beyond the realm of software development, Sohail’s life is a harmonious blend of adventure and family. While he once sought thrills in frequent camping and hiking adventures to remote northern areas, his priorities have shifted with the arrival of his two daughters. Now, his most cherished moments are spent basking in the joys of fatherhood, and creating memories with his beautiful family.

Despite the demands of his professional and personal life, Sohail remains an avid explorer. He recently took a much-needed restorative trip with a few friends to Langkawi Island in Malaysia. There he took in the sunrises and beaches and was reminded of the wonders that await us when we make time to appreciate natural beauty.