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Becoming a member

Full details on our vetting process, and how to join can be found on this page.
Once you become a member, you can start applying to our mission opportunities. You’ll also have access to all the Mission networking opportunities we have. Other perks include having access to our referral program (because we believe that great talent knows great talent) to earn a bonus. Our most senior Members may be asked to become Tech interviewers, which earns you extra cash. As an extra feature for our Members, we offer access to our Member Experience team, who will be answering any questions you may have and support you, along with the Squad Lead and the Tech Lead, during the execution of your mission.Stay tuned for more member benefits currently in the works!


If you are interested in participating in an event, you can keep tabs on all the Upcoming events, from the sidebar of your Mission profile home screen.

All our events are also promoted in our Monthly Newsletter that goes to your personal email (the same you use to log into your mission profile).

Some of our Members are currently on our Slack, which is the tool we are currently using to manage the work of all of our active missions. We took the opportunity to have some of our Members on Slack test and create some channels so our Members could connect outside of their mission.

Recently, we’ve decided to use another tool that you may already know — Discord — to connect our Members and reinforce the sense of community between them. We are currently testing this tool, and the final version of our Discord should be accessible to all of our Members very soon. Stay tuned!

At this moment we offer multiple ways (and growing!) to stay in touch and connect with the Network. All assigned members are added to the Mission Slack where you can meet other members, and you can also join the Mission Discord server, which is in the process of being rolled out to all members. Here is a highlight of the current networking events offered:
  • Virtual Networking Events: We have multiple recurring events that will feature networking sessions as part of a larger event. These include Guest Speaker series, Peer networking games, roundtable discussion events, “Ask Me Anything” and more.
  • Town Hall: An open forum to hear organization-wide updates and have your questions answered by Mission HQ.

General questions

While other marketplaces may focus on matching their contractors with job opportunities, Mission focuses on the Member’s entire journey. Our objective is to offer a 360 experience for all our Members, whether they are independent contractors or not, and to collect and display as much data as possible about how they stand as engineers compared to their peers. Our second objective is to build one of the largest online Tech communities across the globe, facilitating connections with other engineers and creating a co-learning experience with their highest-skilled peers.
Member Experience is a free service provided to all our Members to provide, at any time, information and tools that ensure your success with Mission. Our focus is to constantly improve your journey as a member of Mission. Our main goals are:
  • Guarantee the best possible onboarding experience for our new Members and include them in our community initiatives - including onboarding into a mission and transitioning to a new mission.
  • Be the main contact of support for our Members.
  • Work closely with the Operations Manager to offer new community initiatives and maintain high engagement.
  • Search for new tools and services to maintain our members’ satisfaction.

Working on a mission

Our community is composed of people from all across the globe, with all different cultures, religious backgrounds, and identities. As such, we have a Code of Conduct centred on mutual respect. As part of our Code of Conduct, these are the main expectations toward each Member of our Network:
  • Be friendly and patient
  • Be welcoming
  • Be considerate
  • Be respectful
  • Be careful in the words that you choose
  • When we disagree, try to understand why

Built for careers, not gigs

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Mission is the only talent network that focuses on supporting our members for their careers 10 years from now, not just for today. By providing coaching, opportunities for leadership roles on teams, and complete flexibility, you’ll find whatever you are looking for here.

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