Mission is instrumental in empowering platforms to efficiently connect buyers and sellers.

We create user-friendly, secure, and scalable solutions by optimizing platform interfaces, streamlining payment processes, and ensuring robust security measures.

Company Description

Marketplace connecting health coaches and clients

A marketplace of thought-provoking health professionals and individuals ready to reach new heights. The goal of the company as a two-sided marketplace is to connect health coaches and clients who require their services.

Mission Description

Mission was tasked with building a marketplace for health and wellness which includes payments, scheduling, and video calling connecting coaches and clients.

Team for the Mission

Francisco G.
Technical Lead
Francisco G.-image
Junaid N.
FE Web Developer
Junaid N.-image
Oluwasegun A.
UI/UX Designer
Oluwasegun A.-image
Siamak S.
Team Lead
Siamak S.-image

Tech Stack

- Figma
- Firebase
- Next JS
- React
- Stripe
Next JS-image