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Welcome to your new
mission control.

Mission isn’t a passive platform. Our unparalleled approach to team assembly, backed by the data drawn from our platform, results in a more adaptable and scalable squad, with built-in leadership and senior-level expertise across the whole roster.

After we’re aligned on your needs, we put together a squad handpicked for your mission specifically. Our process and method is unique to us, and while we can’t give away our secret recipe, we can say it involves clear roles for everyone, data to back up our selection, and a dash of algorithmic support.
With the lines of communication open and clear, and your team good to go, we get to the fun part: building what you need built.

We keep everything transparent and accessible throughout the mission so you always know how it’s going, without needing to waste time managing the mission.
We’re not a hands-off type of marketplace. After we’ve got your squad together and it gets going, we leverage our community of senior peers to coach and train your engineers without slowing down the build.
Because you got your team faster, you're going to get your product built faster too, without any quality loss along the way. No more last minute panicking to get the job done. I'd say you can leave the panicking to us, but we don't do much of that.
What Mission delivers doesn't stop with the product. Our team management tools and data will allow you to evaluate how the mission went so adjustments can be made to improve even further on future missions. This data can level-up your teams and ours, so it's a win-win.
What makes us different?

No one assembles squads like we do.

Having 20+ years of experience and leadership built in to your squad is a major asset. That’s why we start with a Tech Lead and Squad Lead, then we match them with contributors we’re sure we can trust and supply expert specialists as needed. This allows for maximum flexibility and scalability, each team custom built for your needs and adjusted immediately should anything change.
  • Tech Lead

    The architect of the mission. Uses their leadership skills and expertise to keep the team on track.

  • Main Contributors

    These productivity-focused engineers take on all things data. They’re the front line on each line of code.

  • Squad Lead

    Your insider, helping you communicate your needs to the squad. They also keep the squad happy in all the equally essential but less technical ways.

  • Subject Matter Experts and Specialists

    Reinforcements to solve the hardest problems. We’ve got all the specific niche issues covered so even the toughest bugs get stamped out.

Here’s what we believe. If any of these ring true to you, then Mission's the right fit.

Software engineers deserve to work where software engineering is truly celebrated.

We've built the ideal environment in which software engineering talent can thrive. We're engineers ourselves so we know what it takes to feel our best while we're building our best work.

There's top engineering talent all around the world, not just in Silicon Valley.

We see it as our responsibility (call it a “mission”) to find the world's best engineering talent, regardless of region, identity, or background. We do the fieldwork to find the best and give everyone an equal opportunity to thrive.

Computer science is a science, not an art.

We truly believe we know what makes for great engineering. While there is certainly artistry in our work, we approach everything with the mindset that optimal work can be reached with the best data and methodologies.

Good data is better than the best opinion.

We’re tired of whichever developer is the most charming at the watercooler getting all the promotions. We want to discover and develop true engineering talent, and to do so, we rely on unique data sets that show, beyond any single opinion, just how good you truly are.

Action driven by data.

Our platform gathers crucial performance metrics on our teams, both as individuals and as a unit. These aren't micro-management metrics, but a clear-eyed view into an engineer's work to guide and motivate.

Support can come in as soon as it's needed, benefitting both the team and the mission. And engineers will walkaway with their talent and reputation visualized in concrete and undeniable terms.

Stop scrolling, start building.


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