Mission helped assemble a core product, design, and full stack team of 9 to go from business plan to functional web application

Company Description

Logistics for global pilgrim tourism movement

A notable player in the transportation sector, specializing in a range of services that include passenger bus transport, parcel and cargo delivery, as well as vehicle operation and maintenance. Their operations span both urban and intercity routes, facilitating mobility and logistical solutions.

Mission Description

Mission’s mandate was to build a B2B charter bus marketplace that functions as a double-sided booking platform, tailored specifically to the unique aspects of charter booking compared to scheduled bus ticket booking. Leveraging Mission’s model of deploying expert teams, the inclusion of subject matter experts, and a flexible team structure facilitated rapid development cycles and the integration of complex new features
The scope of the project expanded from basic bus services to include tourism and e-journey features, necessitating a scalable and versatile team capable of integrating new functionalities on the fly.
The main challenge was managing these scope expansions without disrupting the ongoing development and maintaining a high level of project momentum amid strategic pivots. Mission dynamically scaled the team, splitting into three specialized squads to manage different platform aspects, enabling seamless feature additions like hotel bookings. Team lead Siamak Sartipi ensured knowledge retention and continuity, facilitating successful knowledge transfer to the client. The industry expertise we were able to provide through was crucial in aligning the platform’s development with market requirements.

Team for the Mission

Alison R.
Product Copywriter
Alison R.-image
Ferhan N.
RoR Developer
Ferhan N.-image
Rahul M.
RoR, Heroku Developer
Rahul M.-image
Siamak S.
Team Lead
Siamak S.-image
Usama A.
Technical Lead
Usama A.-image
Usman G.
Frontend Developer
Usman G.-image
Valeriu C.
Technical Lead
Valeriu C.-image
Zeeshan K.
UX/UI Designer
Zeeshan K.-image

Tech Stack

- Bootstrap
- Heroku
- PostGresSQL
- RoR
- Vue.js