Mission assembled a team with experience in developing applications synchronizing with a complex IOT enviroment

Company Description

Smart home irrigation technology

A leader in smart irrigation technology, focusing on enhancing the efficiency of water usage in homes, known for developing an advanced sprinkler control system that can be managed via smartphones or laptops. The technology customizes watering schedules based on various factors like soil type, plant needs, and sun exposure, aiming to save water and reduce utility bills.

Mission Description

Assemble a team to continue development on the core mobile application, adding multi-language features and expanding the number of connections to 3rd party devices.

Team for the Mission

Ashish B.
Team Lead
Ashish B.-image
Hardik A.
IC Java
Hardik A.-image
Hosny S.
Hosny S.-image
Jean-Francois D.
Technical Lead Mobile iOS and Android
Jean-Francois D.-image
Laleet A.
IC Java
Laleet A.-image
Laureano G.
IC manual QA
Laureano G.-image
Tiwalola B.
IC Android
Tiwalola B.-image

Tech Stack

- Android
- Docker
- iOS
- Java