Mission helped assemble product and engineering talent that fit the unique challenges of developing a secure application in the Healthcare space.

Developing a secure messaging application and web portal for patients and their family members insuring clients quality and consistent care in the comfort of their homes.

Company Description

Improving at Home Healthcare

An end-to-end home health care software platform focused on providing better patient outcomes through the use of robust clinical documentation, exceptional back-office solutions, and next-generation technology. The B2B software enhances patient care and streamlines healthcare processes, allowing patients to be able to receive quality and consistent care in the comfort of their homes

Mission Description


Although AlayaCare had strong engineering staff, they operated in a complex field with multiple challenging issues and intricate industry requirements. They sought additional resources to address usability, modularity, and scalability concerns quickly. Like many in the industry, they struggled to find and hire enough senior developers.

The Challenge

Through our global network and effective onboarding practices, we swiftly assembled a team and embedded a brilliant local tech lead with AlayaCare’s existing teams, enhancing communication and alignment. We prioritized understanding the business logic and industry intricacies over rigid specifications, working closely with the client in an agile manner. This approach allowed us to pull together knowledge and needs, resulting in a more effective collaboration.

The Solution

Every project was delivered on time and on budget, with features initially deemed unlikely to succeed quickly. Our teams remained closely linked with AlayaCare, providing resources, tech leadership, and coaching. The Mission approach was so effective that AlayaCare hired two additional teams, now working on ongoing projects.

Team for the Mission

Anas S.
Team Lead
Anas S.-image
Fadi A.
Technical Lead
Fadi A.-image
George I.
FE Developer
George I.-image
Laureno G.
Quality Assurance Engineer
Laureno G.-image
Samir N.
Technical Lead
Samir N.-image
Tao N.
Technical Lead Mobile
Tao N.-image

Tech Stack

- Android
- CircleCI
- DevOps
- iOS
- Python
- React Native
- Vue.js
React Native-image