Mission assembled a back-end development team to build out the core application in Node.JS and Typescript.

Company Description

AI tool to help find online shoppers deals

A plug-in that automatically collects and categorizes users carts as they online shop so they can easily get back to products with a click, create shareable and gift-able collections, and get price drop alerts.

Mission Description

Mission was tasked with creating a system architecture, data modelling and backend development to build out a pricing tracking service in order to identify when prices change or are no longer in stock.

Team for the Mission

Ashish B.
Team Lead
Ashish B.-image
Bruno L.
Backend Developer Javascript
Bruno L.-image
Juan David C.
Fullstack Developer Javascript
Juan David C.-image
Mariano S.
Technical Lead
Mariano S.-image

Tech Stack

- Javascript
- Node.js
- Typescript