Mission helped assemble product and engineering talent that fit the unique challenges of developing a secure application in the Healthcare space.

Developing a secure messaging application and web portal for patients and their family members insuring clients quality and consistent care in the comfort of their homes.

Company Description

Improving at Home Healthcare


B2B software to enhance patient care and streamline healthcare processes. Allowing patients to be able to receive quality and consistent care in the comfort of their homes

Mission Description

In the healthcare sector, Mission excels by navigating the intricate landscape of data and compliance, particularly in relation to HIPAA regulations. Our expertise in healthcare spans a diverse array of projects, including medical technology, wellness applications, and patient care solutions. This was a large mission with three dedicated teams working in tandem
1) DevOps: Integration of CI/CD
2) Client-facing portal: The objective is to deliver white labelling for their top customer and improve support on the patient mobile app
3) Messaging app: Objective is to create a secure messaging application for patients and their family members in the web portal and app

Team for the Mission

Anas S.
Team Lead
Anas S.-image
Fadi A.
Technical Lead
Fadi A.-image
George I.
FE Developer
George I.-image
Laureno G.
Quality Assurance Engineer
Laureno G.-image
Samir N.
Technical Lead
Samir N.-image
Tao N.
Technical Lead Mobile
Tao N.-image

Tech Stack

- Android
- CircleCI
- DevOps
- iOS
- Python
- React Native
- Vue.js
React Native-image