Squads of untouchable talent.
Mission provides curated teams of carefully vetted, senior-level, independent software engineers & product builders. This is the type of talent that can’t log on to LinkedIn without getting mobbed by recruiters. They chose us. You should too.

How it works


Tech assessment

Our Engineers-in-Residence work with you to understand the Mission objectives, set team requirements, and pin down the tech stack.


Squad rec

You'll be recommended a team composition for your Mission with a proposed team size, skill sets, and an integration plan.


Team assembly

Our experts get to work assembling your team from our network of senior talent, matching the recommendations with the right builders to fit the skills required.


Onboarding and ramp-up

Once you sign-off on the team, often within 2 weeks of the recommendations, we onboard everyone onto our Platform and get to work.

Our approach to team composition

Every single Mission team is carefully curated to meet the goals at hand. We take a highly experienced Tech Lead and Squad Lead and match them with an elite team of global talent.
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Squad Lead

Your insider, helping you communicate your needs to the squad. They also keep the squad happy in all the equally essential but less technical ways.

Tech Lead

The architect of the mission. Uses their leadership skills and expertise to keep the team on track.

Main Contributor

These productivity-focused engineers take on all things data. They’re the front line on each line of code.


Helps ensure that missions are set in the right direction by advising on the ideal team composition based on the mission assessment and by providing strategic technical guidance.

Experts on Demand

Reinforcements to solve the hardest problems. We’ve got all the specific niche issues covered so even the toughest bugs get stamped out.

Is Mission right for you?

We have an ultra flexible, infinitely scalable team assembly methodology. If any of the following apply to you, then Mission will be a great fit.

You are looking to scale engineering team quickly.

You have tight targets and need to move fast and efficiently.

You’ve previously had difficulty recruiting for specific teams or skill sets on your own.

Your in-house team doesn't have experience with a needed language or framework.

You need support on core development work.

You are looking for custom software application development.


Both engineers and companies alike benefit from joining Mission.

Our developers, designers, and builders get access to curated opportunities from only the world’s most innovative companies. Our companies and partners get exclusive access to the kind of senior-level talent that recruiters are rushing to reach.

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“The main reason I love working with Mission is the great people I get to collaborate with. I know I can always rely on and learn from these guys.”
Tommy Lebel
Vue.js Expert & Tech Lead

Our Results

Automation and Reliability for Bus.com

Five year old Bus.com has been rethinking the way bus chartering works, streamlining the process and giving much easier access to private bus...

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Delivering Better Patient Care Outcomes

In a complex field with thorny issues and very complicated industry requirements, Alayacare turned to Mission to help them acheive scalability.

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Get building.

Get your squad and get building. It’ll only take us a few weeks to get your team together.

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