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Making it easier than ever to charter a bus

Five year old has been rethinking the way bus chartering works, streamlining the process and giving much easier access to private bus transport for a wide variety of groups who can affordably travel to retreats, concerts, festivals and more. All the while making the journey part of the experience.

The company has assembled a strong team of over a hundred people, and raised over $21 million USD, including a round in early 2019. They are still growing, and have moved over 200,000 people in the last year, across more than 1400 cities.

The challenge

The company reached a stage where they needed to increase reliability, formalize and automate their deployment infrastructure, improve monitoring, and generally bring code to production faster, on par with industry best practices.

The solution

This is the kind of work done by dedicated devops teams, and these kinds of resources are hard to come by. Mission managed to assemble a squad tailored to the challenge, including people in Montréal, Prince Edward Island, Mexico City, and Lahore. Our leads started with a planning stage and provided a detailed backlog of the tasks needed to accomplish the high level objectives, and provided product management throughout the engagement.

Thanks to our unique combination of assigning both a squad lead and a tech lead, the contributors were able to ramp up and collaborate effectively, while staying on their toes to adapt and learn quickly, as the two teams meshed together. To keep everything in order and on time, the team worked in two weeks sprints and connected with the team on a daily schedule.

The impact

Mission synced up with the team, agreed on a detailed backlog based on high-level Epics (in Agile, a sequence of user stories building towards a common goal). Our team developed an automatic deployment system, and transferred the heavily customized technological stack to Docker Containers. Our tech lead also visited onsite for the knowledge transfer handoff. Now code can be brought live and tested automatically, with assured reliability.

"Mission was quickly able to spin up the team we required. That enabled us to start executing on our strategic initiatives faster than we could have hired for."
Martin Provencher
CTO at

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