Mission Mentor Spotlight: Fadi Asfour

Meet Fadi Asfour, a multidisciplinary software developer, tech lead, and mentor with Mission. With over 12 years of experience with Python, JavaScript/TypeScript, Go, and Solidity, Asfour’s technical resume is diverse and impressive. But what truly sets him apart is his passion for mentorship, a quality that resonates with the heart of Mission’s ethos of helping even the most experienced and impressive engineers continue to learn and grow.

From designing a research data portal using Ruby on Rails, to acting as CTO for a startup, Fadi’s technical highlights are quite the achievements in their own right. But if you ask him for standout moments in his career, he’ll likely point to the times he guided and helped others. Through mentoring Python solutions on, as a recent example, Fadi has helped countless students find clear and optimized paths to success.

One of his mentees, Zulqar Nain, speaks to how Asfour impacted his career in lasting ways. The two used to have meetings together once a week, and talk about what Nain was having issues with — topics like road blocks, hurdles, team management issues, and burnout — after which Fadi would make his recommendations in a supportive way. “That discussion broadens your mind,” says Nain, “It encourages you to think of more possible routes to take.”

And now that Zain’s a mentor himself, the two still stay in touch. “I still call him once a month so we can discuss what’s going on in our lives,” says Nain.

At Mission, Fadi works with senior developers and tech leads to cultivate team chemistry, compatible coding styles, and all-hands-in leadership. His approach? Foster teams that act with integrity, produce quality products, and leave minimal tech debt behind. For Fadi, his work is about more than dextrous coding; it’s about crafting the next generation of tech leaders.

Fadi’s latest collaboration with Jag Grewal, Mission’s Director of Practice, aims to improve Tech Lead selection and reduce team turnovers by 50%. It’s ambitious, pushing boundaries and elevating standards across the entire company, true to the spirit of Mission’s ethos.

With mentors like Fadi, Mission’s mentorship program offers more than an ordinary teacher-student dynamic. It’s about a mutual, continuous learning process. One which primes both mentor and mentee to lead, teach, and become part of a program that values ongoing excellence, education, and engineering empowerment.

With Fadi Afour at Mission, mentorship isn’t a side gig; it’s a calling.