Member Spotlight: Adebiyi Adedotun Has a Story to Tell

Adebiyi Adedotun is a dedicated frontend developer who joined us last summer and has been contributing diligently ever since. His journey from Lagos, Nigeria to our global team is one of personal drive, continuous learning, and adaptability.

It Runs in the Family

Originating from Lagos, Nigeria, he credits his inspiration to enter the tech world to his uncle, an IBM professional, who introduced him to Java programming. This initial foray into coding sparked a curiosity that led him to an internship where he began to work on frontend applications. Over time, his proficiency in JavaScript grew and, while he explored backend operations, he decided to specialize in frontend development.

His career progression led him to work for a US cloud computing company, Edgio, via an acquired startup named Moovweb. He soon joined a freelancer network and found the opportunity to work remotely, a situation that opened him up to working with people from diverse cultural backgrounds and ultimately brought him to us here at Mission.

A Passion for Writing

A software engineer by profession, he developed a hobby which made use of his knowhow – technical writing. His passion for reading and storytelling drove him to create his own platform, ‘The Septum’, a media publication incorporated in the US. The platform has enabled him to share narratives from different contributors, mostly non-fiction writers, to a global audience.

A voracious reader as a child, he started writing at a young age as well. “I discovered I always have something to say or a story to tell,” says Adedotun. He found that while media in Nigeria was often seen as a serious job, he realized that it could also be playful and fun when he started consuming global media as well.

Later on, he became a reader of publications like The New Yorker and The Outline, which shaped his current focus as a writer. “I figured out I’m much more interested in narrative (non-fiction) than fiction now,” says Adebiyi.

When he isn’t working or writing, he enjoys traveling, gaming, and exploring nature. Living on Lagos Island offers him opportunities to visit the beach and explore the waterfront, an activity he’s particularly fond of.

To get to know him better, you can visit his personal site at or check out his publication The Septum.

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