Member Content Spotlight – “Why HTMX Won’t Replace JavaScript Anytime Soon” by Francisco Gutiérrez

We’re very happy to share a thought-provoking piece penned by Mission Tech Lead Francisco Gutiérrez. In it, Francisco introduces HTMX as a potential contender in the ongoing debate surrounding JavaScript’s role in modern web applications. Gutiérrez advises a critical examination of HTMX before wholeheartedly adopting it, as he explores both its promises and potential pitfalls. While HTMX offers the allure of simplifying frontend logic by transferring it to the backend, Gutiérrez highlights the hidden costs, such as increased server load, heightened bandwidth usage, and storage requirements. This informative piece underscores the importance of considering user experience and scalability when making development choices and concludes that JavaScript’s reign in web development remains steadfast, even in the face of emerging alternatives.

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